Brian Zeller
Age Early 30s
Occupation(s) Crime Scene Investigator
Status Alive
Relatives Unnamed Sisters
Other info
First appearance Apéritif
Last appearance The Wrath of the Lamb
Portrayed by Aaron Abrams
Brian Zeller (TV) gallery

Brian Zeller is a supporting character in NBC's Hannibal. He is a crime scene investigator. He specializes in determining the victims' causes of death, and often works with Jimmy Price. He gives Freddie Lounds information about Will Graham, seemingly because he is jealous of Will's talent, and Jack Crawford's respect and attention towards Will.


  • "The sickest Jigsaw puzzle." (about the totem murders)
  • "I'm glad we didn't have guns in my house. Would've shot my sisters just to get them out of the bathroom"
  • "Family friction is usually a catalyst for personality development" (To Will, after asking if he was a single child)
  • "Middle's the sweet spot" (After Jimmy stating he thought middle children were the problem)


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