C. J. Lincoln was one of the children abducted by Eva (Molly Shannon). He'd been missing since August 23, 2011. He was the eldest of all children and apparently, the most comfortable with the killings. Despite this, Crawford and Graham note that he had no signs of sociopathy, and that he was even kind to animals. After two years of living together, his "mother" set them on a mission that in order to truly become a family, they had to erase their old families. First, she directed C.J. to kill his real mother which he did by shooting her three times in Bangor, Maine.

They traveled down further south to Reston, Virginia where Conner did the same thing with his family only he accidentally shot his mother in a way so she would be suffering and couldn't finish the job. As a result C.J. finished the job and then killed Connor when he wouldn't stop panicking at Eva's request.

After he was shot in the shoulder while attempting to murder another family, he was arrested by the police, along with other children.

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