Carlo Deogracias is an employee of Mason Verger. Mason hired Carlo to train the pigs Mason owns to attack and eat live people. Carlo has experience in this field as 20 years ago he fed a man to pigs while in Tuscany. Carlos is seen feeding a dead body to the pigs covered in Margot's scent, wearing her suit and while playing a track of a woman screaming.

In Kō No Mono, Margot attempts to escape from Mason. However Carlo is hiding in wait down the road and rams her vehicle with a truck.

In Tome-wan, Carlo, Matteo Deogracias and Tommaso are sent to apprehend Hannibal Lecter in his office. Lecter refuses to go while Matteo sneaks up behind him, prompting Lecter to stab him in the thigh. Matteo removes the scalpel and collapses in a pool of his blood; he later dies from blood loss (off-screen), Carlo confirms this. Lecter provoked Carlo however Carlo obediently followed Mason's instructions and did not kill him. Will Graham is also present and releases Hannibal prompting Carlo to knock him unconscious. After Will wakes up he discovers Carlo has been fed to the pigs.

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