Chiyoh is the maid of Hannibal's aunt Murasaki, who helped Will Graham get his revenge against Hannibal Lecter. She kept Mischa's murderer in a dungeon as she refused to let Hannibal kill him. When Will came to her place he released the man in order to eliminate the one thing keeping her in that place. This resulted in Chiyoh killing the man and eventually agrees to help Will find Hannibal.

Season 3Edit

Chiyoh lives at the Lecter estate in Lithuania, guarding a prisoner; Hannibal told Chiyoh that the prisoner ate his sister, Mischa. Chiyoh is just as much a prisoner as the man she imprisons--being able to neither kill him or set him free. Will Graham goes to the Lecter estate looking for answers on how to find Hannibal. Not fully believing that the prisoner killed and ate Mischa, as Hannibal claimed, Will sets the prisoner free. The prisoner returns to the cell and pretends to still be locked up until Chiyoh brings his dinner. He then opens the cage and attacks. To save her own life, she kills him. Chiyoh then leaves with Will to find Hannibal. On the train to Italy, Chiyoh shoves Will off the back of the train, revealing that more than anything, she is always Hannibal's protector. Chiyoh proves this several times throughout following episodes by showing up and shooting (with her sniper rifle) someone who was about to harm Hannibal. Her protective actions prevented Will from stabbing or capturing Hannibal in episode 6 (Dolce) and saved Jack Crawford from being killed in episode 7 (Digestivo). The last we see of Chiyoh is in Digestivo; she kills men from the Muskrat Farm who would've stopped Hannibal from leaving with Will.


  • Man in the cage (stabbed in the neck with a piece of bone after Will Graham set him free)
  • Two Verger cops (both shot once in the head)
  • Two Verger henchmen (both shot once in the head)


  • Chiyoh is a minor character from the novel, Hannibal Rising. In the book, she is a young girl about Hannibal’s age, who spends her days waiting on Lady Murasaki, and befriends young Hannibal before returning back to Japan.
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