Crawford's house
Jack's house1
Jack's house
Vital statistics
Type Residential
Location Baltimore, Maryland
Inhabitants Jack and Bella Crawford
Crawford's house is the location where both Jack and his wife live.

In Entrée, Jack's phone rings and Miriam's same, recorded call begging for help plays again... Forensics traces the cryptic call back to Jack's home, and a crime scene investigation reveals the Ripper was all over Crawford's bedroom. There are prints everywhere and even a stray hair resting on the pillow of Jack's wife. He is furious - the taunting is one thing, but the invasion of privacy, the presence in his own bedroom, is too much to handle. When Brian Zeller runs the prints, he stops dead in his tracks. The national database has them as Miriam Lass' - she was the one in Jack's bedroom. But that can't be... she's been dead for two years.

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