Donald “Donnie” Barber was a deer hunter killed by Hannibal Lecter, becoming his twenty seventh known victim. Barber was a thirty-two year old man that was discharged from the air force for bigoted views. He lived in an trailer-park and found work as a sometime air-plane mechanic. Hannibal Lecter arrived back in America after murdering Rinaldo Pazzi and met Barber at a hunting store. Lecter lured him into the woods and shot him through the head with a crossbow and mutilated his body into the Blood Eagle position, an ancient supposed Norse execution where the bottom ribs were broken and the lungs pulled out the back flattened to look like wings. Lecter removed several organs in the process[1]. While examining his corpse, Starling recognised this as the MO of Lecter, as he had murdered a bow hunter years ago, and had arranged the body in the style of Wound Man. Starling believed that Lecter killed Barber out of whimsy, as with the bow hunter, and believed that Lecter would be caught again.

  1. Autopsy had revealed he had removed the "backstrap" of a deer Barber had poached illegally and the same items from Barber himself, as well as the liver and thymus of the deer, though Barber's liver was not taken due to being cirrhotic
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