If you walk through a field of mycelium, they know you are there.
— Stammets to Will
Eldon Stammets was a serial killer who preyed on diabetics and was obsessed with the similarities between the structures of fungi and the human mind.

Killing MethodEdit

Stammets found his victims through his job as a pharmacist. After abducting them, he would bury his victims alive but in a drug-induced coma in a shallow grave in the wilderness and plant fungi on top of them. To feed the mushrooms and keep his victims alive, he would inject the victims with sugar water intravenously through catheters and give them air through tubes suspended in nearby trees above ground, long enough for the fungus to eat away any distinguishing characteristics. The bodies were discovered by three boys walking around the woods. He tried to kidnap Abigail Hobbs, pretending to be a doctor in order to connect her with Will Graham, but was shot in the shoulder and apprehended by Will before he was able to leave the hospital.

Known VictimsEdit


  • Beverly: "He isn't lazy."
  • Will (to Lecter): "He was keeping them alive, feeding them intravenously."
  • Will (to Lecter): "Maybe he admires their ability to connect, in a way human minds can't."
  • "I read your article. Tell me about Will Graham." (to Freddie Lounds)
  • "We all evolved from mycelium. I'm simply reintroducing her to the concept."
  • "If you walk through a field of mycelium they know you are there. They know you are there. The spores reach for you as you walk by. I know who you're reaching for. I know. Abigail Hobbs. You should have let me plant her. You would have found her in a field, where she was finally able to reach back!" (to Will Graham)
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