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Elise Nichols was Garret Jacob Hobbs' last victim, before he killed his wife Louise and attempted to kill his daughter Abigail.

When Will Graham and Jack Crawford visit her family's home, her parents are distraught, but hold on to the frail hope that she is still alive. Will asks the parents if their cat has been acting odd since the abduction. When she disappeared, Elise was due to come home to look after the family cat. When Will finds out the cat was acting normally, Will knows Elise fed him before the crime and concludes the abduction occurred at the family house.

When Will enters Elise's bedroom with her father, he finds a deceased Elise lying tranquilly in her bed; the killer had brought her corpse back.

An autopsy later reveals that her liver was removed, but then put back, owing to the fact that Elise had liver cancer, prompting Will to conclude that her killer had returned her body as "an apology".