Francis Dolarhyde
Francis Dolarhyde NBC
Age 40s
Alias(es) D, Mr. D, The Tooth Fairy, The Great Red Dragon
Occupation(s) Film Processing Technician
Status Deceased
Relatives Grandmother (deceased)
Relationships Reba McClane (girlfriend)
Other info
First appearance The Great Red Dragon
Last appearance The Wrath of the Lamb
Portrayed by Richard Armitage
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Francis Dolarhyde is a character in NBC's Hannibal and is the main antagonist of the second half of the third season.



Francis Dolarhyde was raised by his grandmother in his youth.

Discovering The Great Red DragonEdit

Whilst sitting in a cafeteria, Dolarhyde read a copy of TIME magazine which covered The Great Red Dragon paintings. He becomes engrossed in it, and begins manifesting himself with the painting and has the Great Red Dragon tattooed on his back. He begins to work out and has custom made jagged-dentures created. In his attic where he works out Dolarhyde keeps a copy of the painting.

In the season finale, Dolarhyde is brutally killed by the combined efforts of Will and Hannibal.

Personality Edit

Dolarhyde was a troubled man with a past of being abused by his grandmother and ignored by his birth mother . This history of personal betrayals and being shunned for his cleft lip left Dolarhyde a shy man self conscious about his appearance. As the Dragon Dolarhyde is confident and ruthless, killing entire families to achieve his “becoming”. Dolarhyde proved himself highly intelligent in the planning and execution of his murders, leaving little evidence. He was also an expert marksman, making multiple headshots with minimal errors. Dolarhyde was physically strong and a skilled fighter, almost killing Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter in combat before they overpowered him with their team work.

Episode appearancesEdit

Season 3Edit


  • 2013: The Marlows:
    • Thomas Marlow (shot twice in the chest, severing jugulars and carotids)
    • Theresa Marlow (shot once in the neck and tortured to death)
  • 2018:
    • The Jacobi family:
      • Mr. Jacobi (sliced his neck)
      • Mrs. Jacobi (shot once in the chest and tortured to death; put pieces of glass on eyes post-mortem)
      • Two Jacobi boys (both shot once)
    • The Leeds family:
      • Mr. Leeds (sliced his neck)
      • Mrs. Leeds (shot once in the chest and tortured to death; put pieces of glass on eyes post-mortem)
      • Two Leeds children (both shot once)
    • The Graham house attack:
    • The parking lot abduction:
      • Two bodyguards (shot to death)
      • Fredrick Chilton (kidnapped, ripped his lips off and set on fire; survived)
    • The break-out:



  • According to Hannibal showrunner Bryan Fuller Francis was responsible for the murder of the couple in the opening of the first episode Apéritif.
  • While not touched on in the show, Dolarhyde was a former soldier in the books and films. His military past is implied by his excellent marksmanship and fighting skills.
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