You're not a psychopath. Although, you may be attracted to them.

Franklyn Froideveaux was a patient of Dr. Hannibal Lecter. He seemed to have had an obsession with Hannibal, following him and trying to catch his attention in an attempt to become his friend. Before he became a patient under Hannibal's care, Franklyn had been referred to nine different psychiatrists, suffering from severe neurosis.

Franklyn explained this methodology as "wanting to touch greatness" but denied any sort of sexual component to this obsessive behavior. For him, being alone came with a dull ache. Dr. Lecter noted that Franklyn may be attracted to psychopaths, considering his friendships with at least two killers (Although Dr. Lecter naturally did not clarify that he was including himself in that speculation).

His best friend was Tobias Budge, who did not echo Franklyn's feelings. He also worried about hurting.

Franklyn died of a broken neck while trying to dissuade Tobias from attacking Hannibal. As he attempted to assure Tobias that all would be well, regardless of the choices that had been made, Dr. Lecter stepped up behind him and broke his neck. In doing so, he deprived Tobias of the satisfaction of doing it himself. After a struggle occurred between the two remaining men, the fight ended with Tobias' death, and he was then framed easily for Franklyn's demise.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Mads Mikkelsen stated in an interview, that Franklyn wasn't killed for being rude, but he was just - quote unquote - a dumbass.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "I hate being this neurotic." (to Lecter)
  • "If you weren't neurotic, Franklyn, you'd be something much worse." (Lecter)
  •  "I discovered that we are cheese folk." (to Lecter)
  •  "Cheese is my passion." (to Lecter)
  •  "You care deeply about Tobias." (Lecter)
  •  "He's your best friend, but you're not his." (Lecter)
  •  "I kind of thought you'd be there, which is why I was there. I was there because I liked that sort of thing.   It just occurred to me that you might like it too." (to Lecter)
  •  "I tried to get your attention." (to Lecter)
  •  "I want you to be my friend." (to Lecter)
  •  "It makes me sad that I have to pay to see you." (to Lecter)
  •  "His eyes kept wandering. More interested in you than in what was happening on stage." (Tobias to Lecter)
  • "Are you bored with me?" (to Lecter)
  • "You focus too much on your therapist, and not enough on your therapy." (Lecter)
  • "He wants to be my friend. His obsession with me is interfering with his progress." (Lecter)
  • "This is your hour, Franklyn. We will talk about whatever you would like to talk about." (Lecter)
  • "I'd like to talk about Tobias. Perhaps you could help me analyze him." (to Lecter)
  • "Does that mean I'm a psychopath?" (to Lecter)

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