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A page that pays homage to the fantastic dishes that are served throughout the show.
Respect to everyone involved with crafting such exquisite looking meals. [1]

Season 1 Dishes

Episode 1 Apéritif
Hannibals Dishes S01E01 04.png
A little protein scramble to start the day. Eggs and sausage
Episode 2 Amuse-Bouche
Hannibals Dishes S01E02 01.png
"Loin" served with a Cumberland sauce of red fruits
Episode 3 Potage
Episode 4 Œuf
Hannibals Dishes S01E04 01.png
"Boudin Noir" from Ali Bab's Gastronomie Practique
Episode 5 Coquilles
Hannibals Dishes S01E05 01.png
"Foie gras au torchon" with a late harvest of vidal sauce with dried and fresh figs
Episode 6 Entrée
Hannibals Dishes S01E06 01.png
"Langue d'agneau en papillottes" served with a sauce of duxelles and oyster mushrooms
Episode 7 Sorbet
Hannibals Dishes S01E07 01.gif
The dinner party that emerges once inspiration strikes
Episode 8 Fromage
Episode 9 Trou Normand
Hannibals Dishes S01E09 01.png
The vegetarian salad served to Freddie Lounds
Episode 10 Buffet Froid
Hannibals Dishes S01E10 01.png
"The Jamon Ibérico" Iberian ham
Episode 11 Rôti
Hannibals Dishes S01E11 01.png
"Kudal" A South Indian curry
Episode 12 Relevés
Hannibals Dishes S01E12 01.png
"Silkie chicken in a broth" Wolfberries, ginseng, ginger, red dates, and star anise. Chicken Soup
Episode 13 Savoureux
Hannibals Dishes S01E13 01.png
"Tête de veau en sauce verte" The veal is smoked on a pyre of dry hay

Season 2 Dishes

Episode 1 Kaiseki
Hannibals Dishes S02E01 01.png
"Mukozuke" seasonal sashimi, sea urchin, water clam, and squid
Hannibals Dishes S02E01 02.png
"Salt-baked Celeriac" Salted and ash-baked celeriac with foraged sel fou
Episode 2 Sakizuki
Hannibals Dishes S02E02 01.png
"Osso Buco" with saffron-scented risotto and zucchini eyeballs
Episode 3 Hassun
Episode 4 Takiawase
Episode 5 Mukozuke
Hannibals Dishes S02E05 01.png
"Hangtown Fry" Crayfish and smoked Maldons salt
Hannibals Dishes S02E05 02.png
"Kidney Pie" Baked pastry and meat, with red and yellow beets and layered chevre
Episode 6 Futamono
Hannibals Dishes S02E06 01.png
Food prepped and ready for another dinner party
Hannibals Dishes S02E06 02.png
"Braised Roast" Meat baked in clay with marrow, and Lady Apples on the side
Episode 7 Yakimono
Episode 8 Su-zakana
Hannibals Dishes S02E08 01.png
"Truite saumonée au bleu" with vegetables and broth, served with a hollandaise sauce on the side
Episode 9 Shiizakana
Hannibals Dishes S02E09 01.png
"Sacromonte omelet" with liver and sweetbreads
Episode 10 Naka-Choko
Hannibals Dishes S02E10 01.png
Brined and roasted whole suckling pig
Hannibals Dishes S02E10 02.png
"Lomo Saltado" with spicy curly fries, the writer's quills and carrot slaw
Episode 11 Kō No Mono
Hannibals Dishes S02E11 01.png
"Roasted Ortolans" Preparation calls for the songbird to be drowned alive in Armagnac. It is then roasted and consumed whole in a single mouthful
Episode 12 Tome-wan
Hannibals Dishes S02E12 01.png
"Kholodets" A traditional Russian dish of jellied meat
Episode 13 Mizumono

Season 3 Dishes

Episode 1 Antipasto
Hannibals Dishes S03E01 01.png
Whole roasted leg, smoked, glazed and served on a sugar cane quill
Hannibals Dishes S03E01 02.png
Oysters, acorns, and masala
Hannibals Dishes S03E01 03.png
Escargot Bourguignonne
Episode 2 Primavera
Episode 3 Secondo
Hannibals Dishes S03E03 01.png
Cut and cured ham with asparagus
Hannibals Dishes S03E03 02.png
"Sibilo caratteristico" When the lungs whistle, the dish is done
Hannibals Dishes S03E03 03.png
"Coratella con carciofi" Purple artichokes served with spring lamb's liver, lungs and heart
Episode 4 Aperitivo
Episode 5 Contorno
Hannibals Dishes S03E05 01.png
Served while Hannibal spoke to Bedelia of his cochlear garden kept as a young man
Hannibals Dishes S03E05 02.png
"Pappardelle alla Lepre" Tuscan dish of hare, braised in red wine with aromatics
Hannibals Dishes S03E05 03.png
"Venison Entrecote" with seared foie gras
Episode 6 Dolce
Hannibals Dishes S03E06 01.png
Pig tails cut into sections in a ginger-black vinegar sauce, and marrow in a fermented bean sauce.
Episode 7 Digestivo
Hannibals Dishes S03E07 01.png
"Oysters Rockefeller" Half-shell oysters that have been topped with various other ingredients and are then baked or broiled
Hannibals Dishes S03E07 02.png
Sausages served at the Verger table
Hannibals Dishes S03E07 03.png
Roast Pig served at the Verger table
Episode 8 The Great Red Dragon
Hannibals Dishes S03E08 01.png
"Sanguinaccio dolce" A classic Neapolitan dessert,

with almond milk

Episode 9 And the Woman Clothed With The Sun
Hannibals Dishes S03E09 01.png
Fresh, home baked cherry pie. Courtesy of Reba
Hannibals Dishes S03E09 02.png
"Grandma Dolarhyde's dinner" Tuna salad, mushroom macaroni casserole, boiled cauliflower with fava beans, pyrogies in sour cream and onions
Episode 10 And the Woman Clothed In Sun
Hannibals Dishes S03E10 01.png
"The Great Red Dragon" Blake paintings
Episode 11 And the Beast from the Sea
Episode 12 The Number of the Beast is 666
Episode 13 The Wrath of the Lamb
Hannibals Dishes S03E13 01.png
"Kalua-roast leg" wrapped in ti leaves with flowers and fruits, and laid upon a bed of coals and ice