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On May 9, 2014, NBC renewed Hannibal for its third and presumed final season. During September 2014 the first episode title Antipasto was revealed on Bryan Fuller's Twitter. Following this reveal, in October 2014 the next two episode titles Primavera and Secondo were unveiled.


Main Cast[]


In the Beginning:[]

The third season in the Hannibal series centers on the complex relationship between Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter.

Hannibal has fled to Italy along with his psychiatrist, Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier. The beginning of the season shows the relationship they are presenting to the public and the ease Hannibal has in filling another man's shoes - literally - in order to play his part well. Yet old habits never die and Hannibal has continued doing what he does best. Killing people and making them into meals worthy of his consumption, or arranging them in artistic ways, reminiscent of his past as Il Mostro, the Monster of Florence.

Will Graham, who has not succumbed to his wound, awakens in a hospital, unsure of himself and his surroundings. He even sees Abigail Hobbs, whose throat Hannibal had slit in the finale of the second season, Mizumono. It is later revealed that Abigail has passed on and Will is simply hallucinating her existence.

Jack Crawford has also made an astonishing recovery and while things may seem to have gone well for him, he is still just as dedicated to bringing the Chesapeake Ripper to justice.

Mason Verger plans his revenge for what Hannibal did to him with an unlikely ally, Alana Bloom. Alana, however falls in love with Margot Verger and both plan to get something from Mason...

Eventually all of this leads to Franccis Dolarhyde, the Great Red Dragon...


Episode Series # Title Airdate Production Code
27 Antipasto June 4th, 2015 301
28 Primavera June 11th, 2015 302
29 Secondo June 18th, 2015 303
30 Aperitivo June 25th, 2015 304
31 Contorno July 2nd, 2015 305
32 Dolce July 9th, 2015 306
33 Digestivo July 18, 2015 307
34 The Great Red Dragon July 25, 2015 308
9 35 And the Woman Clothed With The Sun August 1, 2015 309
10 36 And the Woman Clothed In Sun August 8, 2015 310
11 37 ... And the Beast From the Sea August 15, 2015 311
12 38 The Number of the Beast is 666 August 22, 2015 312
13 39 The Wrath of the Lamb August 29, 2015 313