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Hannibal Lecter's house is located in Baltimore, Maryland. Hannibal has had many guests, for instance: Jack Crawford and his wife, Bella Crawford, Will Graham, Alana Bloom, Abigail Hobbs, Dr. Chilton, Dr. Sutcliffe, Tobias Budge, etc. He tends to make exquisite dinner parties from time to time. He says that Will is his friend, and therefore, he's always welcome to his home.

Relation to Hannibal[]

Hannibal has a desire to control nature, which is seen through the usage of floral arrangements and the herb wall within his home, and every dinner party will have themed florals. [1]



The design of the kitchen was made to be reminiscent of a laboratory or morgue, and the greys were not truly grey, but incorporated purples and blues from the dining room. [2] It is a room designed to be theatrical, as the "backstage" area to the "main stage" of his dining room, and mind was taken to space and flow of the kitchen. [3]

Dining Room[]

The tamed flora of the herb wall is anchored by a custom wallpaper, which is a reproduction of a nature etchig by Oscar Grosch. [1] It is primarily a warmer room than the kitchen, relying on a cobalt colour scheme, and the curvilinear blue walls make use of stacked accents to be reminiscent of the skies. [1]

Living Room[]

The animal imagery is most prominent in the living room, so much so that the chairs have carved horse's hooves for feet. [4]


"Lavish textures define all of Lecter’s spaces, creating the “hyper-nature” mentioned earlier. His home is an enclave; his kitchen is his performance space and reflects his orderly, highly visceral taste. It is a chef’s kitchen that conceals its transgressive activities. It envelops him (and his “guests”) in corporeal surfaces while remaining strict. There is barn wood and zebrawood, top-of-the-line stainless appliances and travertine counters and back-splash. The center island is stainless with pale grey leather panels on the front and sides. Another custom-made stainless table evokes cook’s prep table/autopsy table.

"Lecter’s dining room evolved into his most theatrical chamber. The walls are made from stacked wood moldings, a bit of genius that came from Bryan Fuller… he had seen such a wall at a restaurant… for ours, I chose moldings that had voluptuous curves or simple geometry. We stained the wood indigo blue, surrounding Lecter and his “audience” in the color of the night sky. Bryan also suggested a “living wall” for Lecter’s dining room, and I thought to use a huge landscape as a backdrop. I found an etching by Oscar Grosch and loved its Gothic tone, but also that it would fall into abstraction for close ups, almost like an early Jackson Pollock painting. It was reproduced as wallpaper, with box shelves that house live herbs in containers. My art department had many conversations debating whether the olfactory effect was properly epicurean; we decided in the end that the intensity was pure Lecter."

-(Patti Podesta, “Hannibal’s” production designer)

Floor Plans[]



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