James Gray (also known as the Muralist) is a serial killer in NBC's Hannibal.


After smelling the body of Roland Umber and discovering that it had been in a cornfield, Lecter finds the silo containing the mural, just as Gray is coming to process the victims. He tells Gray that he admires his work and convinces him to become a part of his own mural. Lecter then sews him into the center of the mural to replace Roland Umber and kills him with a heroin overdose. Afterwards, he cuts off a part of his left leg and cooks and eats it. He is later revealed to have also removed one of his kidneys.

Modus OperandiEdit

Gray targeted a diverse group of people of different ages, races and backgrounds in order to form a wide skin color palette. After abducting them and taking their cars, he would kill them with an overdose of heroin. He then injected them with silicone and covered them with resin to preserve the bodies and laid them out in an intricate, eye-shaped mural, with the palest victims on the outer rim and the darkest ones in the center, hidden in an empty silo.

Known VictimsEdit

  • 46 unnamed people
  • Roland Umber (broke free from the mural, but died in a fall trying to escape)

Quotes Edit

  • "You have nice skin." (to Roland Umber)
  • "There is no God." (to Hannibal)
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