Jeremy Olmstead
Occupation(s) Bow Hunter
Status Deceased
Other info
First appearance Entrée
Last appearance Entrée
Portrayed by Unknown
Jeremy Olmstead gallery

Jeremy Olmstead was the eighth victim of The Chesapeake Ripper.

Five years before his death, Jeremy was injured in a bow-hunting accident when he fell out of a tree and an arrow went through his leg. He was brought to the E.R by another hunter at the same hospital where Hannibal Lecter was on call when he was a practicing physician.

Years later, Jeremy was murdered by Hannibal in his workshop. Hannibal struck his throat so he couldn’t call for help and then impaled him with most of the tools in his workshop while he was still alive, causing his body to resemble a medieval surgical illustration called the “Wound Man”. Hannibal then removed Jeremy’s liver and thymus for eating.

Trivia Edit

  • Jeremy’s murder is almost identical to the murder of Lecter’s sixth victim in Red Dragon. In the novel, Will Graham discusses with an officer on his capture of Lecter. Graham realised that the sixth victim, a bow hunter, was arranged like “Wound Man”. However, unlike Jeremy, the bow hunter was not eaten.
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