I'm ruling this defense inadmissible, Mr. Brauner.
— Judge Davis to Leonard Braunar
Judge Davies is the judge who host the court accusing Will Graham and rejects Hannibal Lecter's defence on Will. This leads to his own demise.

Later, after Hannibal kidnaps Abel Gideon and kills a hospital guard, Judge Davies' flesh can be found on one of the fishing hooks that hang the guard's body above Gideon's bed, alongside flesh of Marissa Schurr, Cassie Boyle, Miriam Lass, Sheldon Isley, Abigail Hobbs, James Gray, Beverly Katz and many other victims killed/injured by the Copycat Killer and the Chesapeake Ripper as other lures, confirming the Copycat Killer and the Chesapeake Ripper are one and the same.

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