I wouldn't do this to an animal.
— Chiyoh to Will
Man in the Cage
Age unknown
Other info
First appearance Secondo
Portrayed by Julian Richings
Man in the Cage gallery

The Man in the Cage is a scruffy man that Chiyoh has been holding in a cage for years. She believes he ate Mischa, the sister of Hannibal.

Secondo Edit

He is first seen in the third episode of season three being held in a cage. He mumbles something in a foreign language. Will asks Chiyoh what he is saying. She says that he wants Will to look at him and speak to him. Chiyoh does not permit Will to do so. She explains the man in the cage's fate; he is only allowed the sound of water, as it is the unborn's last memory of peace. Will let him out of his cage to manipulate Chiyoh into killing him so she could help Will find Hannibal. Will then arranges his corpse to resemble a butterfly.

Hannibal tells Chiyoh that the man may have killed Mischa, but it was Hannibal who ate her.