Margot Verger was the the younger sister to Mason Verger.

Margot was subjected to serious sexual abuse and rape from her older brother when they were younger. In one incident, Mason dislocated Margot’s right arm when she wouldn’t “take the chocolate”. Traumatized, Margot entered therapy with Dr Hannibal Lecter. Lecter was very kind with Margot, assuring her that the abuse was not her fault. He also advised her to kill her brother, but only when she could get away with it. Mason was also a patient of Lecter’s, when Verger was convicted of child molestation. However Lecter, disgusted by Mason’s treatment of Margot and countless other children, almost killed him by drugging him and and forcing to mutilate his own face. Mason survived the ordeal bus was crippled and hideously disfigured. Lecter was arrested several years later for a series of cannibalistic murders.

Margot became a bodybuilder in her later years. However, she heavily abused steroids and this resulted in leaving her infertile. Her only option was through her partner Judy and viable sperm from Mason. However Mason refused to help, saying that their father Molson cut her out of his will for being a lesbian. Despite her hatred for her brother, she worked for him and helped him in his revenge plan against Lecter when he escaped in 1983. Seven years later, Lecter was captured by Mason’s men and was told that he was going to be fed to a special herd of man eating pigs. Margot visited Lecter where he was being held and reminisced over their past. Lecter reminded her of his suggestion of killing Mason, and that she could say it was him. Lecter escaped with the help of Clarice Starling. Margot killed Cordell with a hammer and went to visit Mason. Finally getting revenge on her brother, she sodomized him with a cattle prod to collect fresh sperm, then stuck his pet moray eel down his throat, killing him.

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