Marissa Schurr
Occupation(s) Student
Status Deceased
Other info
First appearance Potage
Last appearance Potage
Portrayed by Holly Deveaux
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Marissa Schurr was Abigail Hobbs' friend and went to the same school she did. Unlike other kids she believed in her friend's innocence.

In Potage, Marissa stops by to see Abigail after noticing the group pull in. The two girls walk out back behind the Hobb's residence and talk about the accident. The town is horrified by the incident, and many think Abigail played a role in the murders. Marissa doesn't think she had anything to do with it, however. Suddenly, Nick Boyle, the brother of the copycat's final victim, comes out of the woods and begins harassing Abigail. Marissa scares him away when she hits him with a rock, as Will and Hannibal rush to Abigail's aid.

Continuing the investigation, Abigail walks Hannibal, Alana and Will through her father's rustic cabin. Abigail recounts the now revealing ways in which he handled the breakdown of the deer he killed. The parallels to his cannibalism are frightening. Suddenly, a drop of blood plops onto Abigail's forehead from above. The group looks up and notices a large collection of blood on the ceiling. Rushing upstairs, Will finds Abigail's friend Marissa, dead, impaled on a rack of antlers. The loss of her friend is a huge setback for Abigail's psyche. Outside the cabin, she's clearly shaken up.

Hannibal later confessed he killed her to Abigail.


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