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  • Hi, welcome to Hannibal Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Hannibal Lecter page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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    • While editing Jame Gumb I noticed he's listed under the category Rapists (as is Francis Dolarhyde). Shouldn't this be removed entirely, as there is no mention that either killer committed rape (in Lambs, it states that Bill's victims did not suffer any form of sex assault). Plus Dolarhyde was mention to molest the corpses of his female victims, which would make him a necrophiliac.

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    • I've taken care of both cases. There is still editing/old data by previous Wikia members I'm trying to work through, as time allows. You have my gratitude for pointing these out.

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    • Hi just messaging you to warn the user Jyrusshipper, he’s a troll/vandal. Check out pages on Clarice Starling and Silence of the Lambs

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    • I am cleaning up the Wiki of quite a few unceremoniously built comments and pages. Thank you for taking the time to send a message.

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    • A FANDOM user
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