Lady Murasaki (or simply Murasaki) is a character in Hannibal Rising. She is the widowed wife of Count Robert Lecter and the "aunt" to Hannibal Lecter, with whom she later becomes a brief lover. She hails from Japan, where she has strong traditions in her samurai heritage especially one of her great ancestors. Her whole family was killed in Hiroshima bombing. She holds onto an ancient suit of armor as well as several swords belonging to her ancestor, constantly keeping them in good condition and honoring the great swordsman.

Hannibal Rising Edit

After Hannibal loses his family during the war, she takes him in and trains him in the ways of a samurai. This training aides him in combat and also gives inspiration to his revenge on the men who killed his sister Mischa Lecter. She cares deeply for Hannibal, even falling in love with him, as he reminded her greatly of his uncle Robert. She tries to steer Hannibal clear of revenge, asking him to forgive his sister's killers. However he is consumed by it and eventually the two part ways after he succeeds in killing Vladis Grutas.



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