Neal Frank
Neal Frank S03E10 00
Age 40s
Status Deceased
Relationships Hannibal Lecter (therapist)
Bedelia Du Maurier (therapist)
Other info
First appearance Antipasto
Last appearance And the Woman Clothed In Sun
Portrayed by Zachary Quinto
Neal Frank gallery

Neal Frank, formerly known only as the unnamed patient of Hannibal Lecter's that was referred to Bedelia du Maurier. Neal is frequently mentioned in conversation between Hannibal Lecter and Bedelia Du Maurier throughout season one and two of Hannibal, and appears in season three.

In Tome-wan Bedelia informs Will Graham of the attack. In the same instance, informing him that the only crime she witnessed of Hannibal's then, was influence. She further illustrates that, under Hannibal's persuasion, she killed her patient by causing him to swallow his own tongue. In Bedelia's words "It wasn't attached at the time." She continues to believe it was in self-defense, but beyond that point, it was murder.

During And the Woman Clothed In Sun he appears, speaking to Bedelia during a session with clear distaste for Lecter's form of therapy. His suspicions of Hannibal Lecter's treatment are prominent, and he is put off by the effects of Lecter's psychiatric care. He clearly stated that he is worse off after meeting with Lecter than before, irritated that the only offer for improvement was to eat more red meat and a prescription. He firmly denied that Hannibal had been of any assistance, and revealed that he had nearly choked on his tongue, while Lecter had remained indifferent. Seeking Bedelia's support in the matter and being rejected spurred him into a frustrated bout of anger, and he criticized both doctors as being equally twisted. When he stood from his chair to defend his case, his influx of emotions cause him to swallow his tongue. Bedelia moved to help, but instead suffocated him while trying to clear his airway.

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