Petras Kolnas was a member of Vladas Grutas's squad during World War II, After his group killed and ate Mischa Lecter during the winter of 1944, young Hannibal Lecter sought revenge against the group. After the war, Kolnas had set up a restaurant and raised two children. Hannibal, along with his aunt, goes to his restaurant to eat. After some time, Hannibal lures Kolnas's daughter to him and steals her ring, and stuffs his dog tag in her coat. Kolnas finds out Hannibal Lecter has killed Dortlich and is planning to kill all of Mischa's murderers. When Grutas kidnaps his aunt, Hannibal goes to Kolnas's restaurant to find the whereabouts of his aunt. Kolnas gives up the information, but is stabbed through the skull with a small knife when he goes for Hannibal's gun. Hannibal proceeds to go to Grutas's houseboat.

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