Age 40s
Occupation(s) Professor
Status Deceased
Other info
First appearance Antipasto
Last appearance Secondo
Portrayed by Rinaldo Rocco
Sogliato gallery

Professor Sogliato is a professor working at the Palazzo Capponi Library who despises Hannibal Lecter while he is assuming Roman Fell's identity.

In Antipasto Sogliato introduces himself to "Dr. Roman Fell" and his wife at a banquet. He insults “Fell“ on his foreign status and assumption he would not recognize the work of Dante Alighieri if he was holding it in his hand. After “Fell's” "wife" asks for a dance, Lecter perfectly recites Dante's first sonnet to Sogilato and the rest of the guests, much to the pleasure of the guests and irritating Sogliato. This prompts Sogliato to dare him to lecture about Dante to everyone, which Lecter accepts. After the lecture, Lecter introduces Soligato to his former TA, Antony Dimmond, and leaves them along to talk.

In Secondo he has dinner with the "Fells" where he is unknowingly served Anthony Dimmond's arm. Solgliato openly admitted he wanted to see Lecter disgraced and comments how they won't miss the old curator. Lecter than impulsively stabs Sogliato in the head with an icepick, which causes him to sputter, cough, and mutter that he is going blind. Bedelia gets up from the dinner table and pulls the ice pick from Sogliato's brain, killing him. Hannibal remarks that Bedelia technically killed him.

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