When making revisions or edits to any character or episode entries, do not put opinions or data other than a narrative. There is no need to doctor up or make the pages flowery in dictation. In order to keep the wiki as neat as possible, any additions to the pages in this way will be redacted and adjusted to assist only in what is necessary for the readers.

As it may be needed as well, and for precaution to the honest editors here, in the future certain characters will have their pages permanently protected for admin or trusted users only. I am seeing far too many revisions to characters that are banal and lead to nothing but a few minutes of time wasting undo-ing uneeded narrative and fruitless keyboard bile.

Beyond that, happy editing. Thank you for those who have continued to do so in recent months and especially for many new fans. May season four find a way to our doorstep.

-Oleader | Tilregnelighed