Vladimir Jon Cubrt
Birth Name Vladimir Jon Cubrt
Place of Birth Hamilton, Ontario
Gender Male
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Light Brown
Occupation(s) Actor
Twitter Twitter
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Vladimir Jon Cubrt was born in Hamilton, Ontario and lives in Toronto, Canada. He is a graduate of the Etobicoke School for the Performing Arts and the Ryerson Theatre School.

He portrayed Garret Jacob Hobbs in NBC's Hannibal.

Career Edit

Vladimir is the artistic director of Zocalo Toronto - the stage production company he founded in 2006. Under the Zocalo Toronto umbrella, Vladimir has written and produced three stage shows: "Samkon and Francis Go Swimming", "The Weeping Salsa" and "Flin Flonning". Vladimir starred in the premiere productions of The Weeping Salsa (2009) - a dance-drama hybrid - and Flin Flonning (2007). He directed the first production of Samkon and Francis Go Swimming (2012) at the Tarragon theatre in Toronto.

Vladimir is a self-taught musician and composer. He plays guitar, drums, and is presently taking formal lessons for the trumpet. He composed original music for his own band, M Baby, as well as for the Zocalo Toronto productions of "The Weeping Salsa" and "Flin Flonning". Vladimir's dance training includes salsa, jazz, ballet, and hip hop.

Vladimir is an avid SCUBA diver with his Rescue Diver certification. A fan of backpack style traveling and an advocate for animal rights, Vladimir combined the two interests when he did a short stint as a "voluntourist" on a wildlife reserve in South Africa.

Vlad is represented by Amanda Rosenthal Talent (screen/stage) and Jam Talent (voice).