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Will Graham's house, located in Wolf Trap, Virginia, in the farmlands outside Quantico. Will lives there, along with his dog strays, which he partly considers to be his family.

Relation to Will[]

Will uses his home as a respite from the horrors he experiences on duty. [1] He pays particular attention to sight-lines, which is part of why he chooses to sleep downstairs. The house is one just outside of Quantico, and Will has not long moved into the home. [1]


The ground floor has long and wide windows. [1] The dogs appear to have a room of their own, which is located in the main lounge, adjacent to the downstairs bedroom. [2] The house contains a large porch, where Will has been seen to bathe his dogs, and a moderate sized kitchen to the back of the house, which overlooks the back grounds. There is a fireplace with a chimney-breast where the dogs sleep.


"Will Graham, by comparison, dwells in a world described by association, meaning that similar colors and shapes create a continuous flow through his space, with many windows connecting to a natural setting. It’s a sensual fish tank in which everything is held in a kind of ether. I found a farmhouse outside Toronto, untouched, habited by the original owners. This became our backstory for Will: he purchased the house and land and just moved in.

"He lives in the downstairs, so he can be aware of anyone showing up outside. We repainted it all: a deep, dull blue/green. Some of the furniture, paintings and books belong to the owners of the house (who are the most fabulous couple - he was a motocross champion in the ’60s, she paints). The rest of the furniture was accumulated by Jaro and is a conscious hodgepodge, unmatched, not theatrical in any way. Will lives there with his dogs, his motorboat parts and his fishing tackle. He does not have a computer and does not bring work home."

-(Patti Podesta, Hannibal’s production designer)

Floor Plan[]




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