I called you because I'm not entirely sure what I saw was real.
— Will to Beverly
Bev and Will
Will and Beverly
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She cares about him. When he doubted himself, she was the person he called.

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Will and Beverly first met in Apéritif, when she interrupted him while examining a crime scene. She cares about him and treats him like a friend. She is the closest to Will on the team. They often have conversations and she makes a point to make sure he is "okay".

Season 1Edit

In Apéritif, Will uses his powerful imagination to get inside the mind of the killer and see exactly how the crime took place.
The killer bore down on Emily's ribs much like a deer would to stun its prey and then proceeded to strangle her. Before Will can finish his process, Beverly Katz, a forensics specialist, interrupts him. She's found antler velvet in two of the dead girls' wounds. Will informs her that antler velvet promotes healing and he thinks the killer must have placed it in her wounds as a means of undoing as much of his crime as he could. It's why he's brought her back. For some reason, whatever he did to the other seven victims, he just couldn't do to her.
In Coquilles, Beverly tells Will she's never seen anyone confront Jack like he did in Cleveland. She wonders if he's all right, but Will continues to mask his emotions. The demands of his job are damaging Will's psyche, but he'd rather not reveal that information to his coworkers.

In Buffet Froid, Will calls her to the scene of the crime to help him decide if what he saw was real. This shows that there is a trust in their relationship above those with the rest of the crew.

In Savoureux, Beverly takes samples from underneath Will's fingernails. It's hard for her to do - and impossible to do so without addressing the elephant in the room. She can't act like she doesn't know Will. But Will doesn't even know himself anymore. He thought he could force himself to get better. He was wrong.


  • Beverly: "Why did you call me? Why not Jack? Why not the police?"
    WIll: "I called you because I'm not entirely sure what I saw was real."
    Beverly: "Then let's prove it."